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Creating future musicians and performers by teaching Indian Classical Music Vocal, Kathak and instilling Values of Indian culture.


Sapt Swaranjali takes the steps forward with a vision of nurturing young minds and infuse the value of Indian Classical Music Vocal and Kathak.

About Sapt Swaranjali

Sapt Swaranjali was conceptualized and started with a new thought on November 21st 2020. Sapt Swaranjali brings forward a very sacred Guru Shishya Parampara combined with new-age technology. This allows students to learn at their pace and convenience.

Sapt Swaranjali also strengthens the bond between Guru and Shishya which is not so prevalent because of the increase in the commercialization of music classes.

As every student has unique traits, their grasping power is also unique and different. So, one size fits all way of teaching will lead to sure shot failure. The courses of Sapt Swaranjali are thoughtfully designed and articulated to suit individuals’ needs. Our lesson pattern starts with the basic concepts of Indian classical music such as voice culture, voice modulation, understanding of swar (notes), tuning and playing tanpura and Harmonium. Once students complete the essentials and basics of music, we start training them on a detailed study of Taal, Concepts of Khyal, Thumri, Tarana, Tappa, Bhajan and other singing styles. We also coach them on creating Alankaar and many more important aspects of Vocal Music.

In Kathak, we focus on teaching and explaining the core concepts of footwork, hand posture, chakkar, hand movements, body balance, grace, navras and facial expression. Along with this, we also enable our students with a thorough understanding the bols of Toda, Tukda, Paran and Kavitta, etc. so students learn them easily.

Music learning starts at Sapt Swaranjali with our Sangeet Uday course and the duration of each course has been kept as one year. Though learning never stops but after getting trained for 10 years, students complete the curriculum with our Shreyaan course. During the course, we provide constructive feedback regularly and also give homework after each class. To make the learning more robust and effective, we conduct two examinations in a year – half-yearly and annual exams. The students are graded based on their complete year’s performance and examinations. On successful completion of the course, students are awarded a completion certificate.

Founder & Guru

Founder and Guru

Shampa Vishwas

Shampa Vishwas is an exponent of Indian Classical Music. She is the founder and guru of the Sapt Swaranjali School of Performing Arts. She focuses on nurturing young minds and promotes Indian classical music traditions amongst youth.

Shampa Vishwas received her initial training in music from her mother, Smt. Gayatri Vishwas. Thereafter, music and dance have been only getting added to her life. Shri Rajesh Ji was her first guru who shaped up her musical persona and imparted the knowledge of singing and playing instruments.

Along with Hindustani classical singing, she also started learning Kathak at an early age. With studies, she focused on music and completed Prabhakar from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad. She continued her musical exploration and joined the master’s program. She was awarded Masters in Performing Arts (vocal) degree from the Bhatkhande Music University, Lucknow. During the master’s program, she received Hindustani classical music education from Pt. Dharmnath Mishra Ji, Smt. Shruti Sadolikar Katkar, and Dr. Srishti Mathur.

After completing her Master’s degree in vocal, she resumed her Kathak dance under the guidance of Smt. Swati Sinha, a well-known artist from Jaipur Gharana. She won many accolades and was well recognized for her performances.

She also explored music beyond Hindustani Classical Music and gained multi-dimensional performing arts education. She completed a robust piano course offered by the Furtado Music, Bangalore. Along with this, she learnt Bollywood and western dance forms such as contemporary and hip-hop from Shiamak Davar Dance Academy, Bangalore.

Her musical experience goes beyond singing and dancing, she is an expert in playing keyboard, piano, harmonium, tanpura, manjeera, maracas, dhafli, dholak, naal, djembe, congo, tumba, and bongo.

Before she became an entrepreneur, she gained working knowledge as a music teacher. She was associated with reputed educational institutes such as Army Public School, Bangalore and Jain Heritage School, Bangalore. She also conceptualized, trained and delivered top-notch music performances at the Raj Bhavan, Bangalore, and Army Public School, Bangalore.

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