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Sapt Swaranjali courses are designed and structured for effective learning, so students can start from the foundation and move forward gradually towards advanced ones. Following is the Hindustani Classical Music Vocal and Kathak course structure.

Sangeet Saarang

  • Sangeet Uday
  • Pratham
  • Dwitiya
  • Tritiya

Sangeet Sambodh

  • Chaturth
  • Pancham
  • Shashth
  • Saptam

Sangeet Shreyaan

  • Ashtam
  • Navam

Raaga, Taala

Pitch, Genre



Hindustani Classical music vocal

Hindustani Classical Music Vocal

Sapt Swaranjali provides the fundamental understanding of swar (notes), Raag, Thaat, Laya, Bhav and the significance of Taal. Our students learn voice culture, voice exercises, creation of alankaar or palta, detailed Raag knowledge, creation of aalap and taan. We teach a variety of chhota khyal and bada khyal, Thumri, Drupad, Dhamar, Bhajan etc. Singing with Tanpura and Tabla is an important part of Hindustani Classical Music. So, from the beginning, we encourage and teach students to perform with these two instruments. Along with the intricacies of Hindustani Classical Music, students also learn the art of live performances.



Kathak is one of the most important classical dance forms of India. Kathak means, “Katha kahe so Kathak kehlaave” a storyteller, telling a story with a graceful dance form. Kathak originated within Hindu temples as a storytelling device for portraying the epic tales from Hindu mythology. In Kathak, there is full inclusion of Nritya, Bhav, Ras, Abhinaya and Footwork. In Sapt Swaranjali students learn these forms in detail that boost their confidence and they get prepared for live performances.



Harmonium is widely used in various Indian music genres. Harmonium is one of the prime instruments in Hindustani Classical Music. In Sapt Swaranjali, students learn playing techniques and
explore different genres such as Bhajan, Gazal, Keertan, different types of songs. In Sapt Swaranjali students learn about harmonium swar (notes), understanding of Taal, Laya and how to perform with
other percussion instruments. In Sapt Swaranjali, focus on providing detailed structural knowledge of Harmonium. Here, students also get a chance to perform live.

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One of the best features about this institute is, they give you exercises on a daily basis which makes one keep practicing the piece/tone up until perfection, thereby signifying mark of professionalism. Also, there is a lot of flexibility in time slots to suit one’s tailor needs, avoiding the hassle of a strict curriculum. Would strongly recommend this place for musical entourage!

Dev Ranjan Biswas

I have been learning from past 1 year and my experience with sapt swaranjali is very good and the teacher is very good, in every class we learn new things.

Kanishka Sharma Bhatt

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